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About St Mark's


Our passion is to help people get to know God and understand his word better. We believe that God has revealed everything we need for life in his word and ultimately through his son Jesus.

Children's church


St Marks has an exciting range of age-appropriate activities and resources to help children of any age learn more about the bible. Every Sunday we run a children’s church in parallel to the regular service.

Bible studies


In addition to our Sunday gatherings, we have a number of smaller gatherings throughout the week, that are open to all.

Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time. 1 Peter 5v6

From the Blog

Can the Gospel Really Change South Africa?

South Africa is in desperate need of change. The only thing that can really change our future is the gospel of Jesus. Most people think the government must fix it, or the police, or the courts, or maybe the economy will fix everything. These things will help, but hardly ever do we stop to consider […]

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Why we cannot be united

Xenophobia. Racism. Nationalism. Culture wars. Our children are growing up in a country deeply divided, and we have come to the point of realizing that the politicians can’t save us. Which we should’ve known a long time ago… I’m surprised that anyone expected that they ever could. The truth is that the unity we want […]

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Why it’s good to indoctrinate your children!

A family at St Marks was recently discussing the advantages and disadvantages of being either an adult or a child. Unlimited screen time versus responsibilities and lots of play time verses an early bedtime were debated back and forth. However, the comment that silenced the conversation came from the 8-year-old when she stated confidently that […]

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