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3 Uncomfortable truths of Christmas

When we think of Christmas, we tend to think of the fluffy, happy stuff – the stable, the still starry night, the shepherds. But the truth is; that first Christmas was far from fluffy. In fact, there are some very uncomfortable facts of Christmas that not many people like to talk about. But the bible […]

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Pax Romana

Caesar Augustus probably didn’t celebrate Christmas. He was around when it happened but he didn’t know about it. He was the boss of the greatest Empire the world had ever seen, so he had a lot on his plate. In fact, Luke tells us that at the very time Jesus was born Caesar Augustus was […]

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“SHIPWRECKED”… a word you’d never expect to be used for a top class professional sailing team competing in a world class event. And yet, on the 30th of November 2014, the unthinkable happened to team Vestas Wind in the Volvo Round the World Ocean Race. Not long after sunset, while travelling at 19knts (about 35kph) […]

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