9 Cassino Road, Plumstead  (021) 706 3272
Who is St Mark's Church Plumstead?


St Marks church is not a building – it’s a community of people who gather together to learn from Jesus Christ and to follow him in daily life. We do this in many ways, but it all centers around God’s word the bible. We believe that the bible is the inspired word of our Creator God and it contains everything for life. Not least of all, it brings us to know Jesus Christ, the Son of God and the one person who is qualified to save us from the penalty and power of sin.

As a church family, we also belong to a larger family of churches called REACH South Africa. That stands for “Reformed, Evangelical, Anglican Church”.

We are Reformed in that we hold to the convictions of the Reformation – which happened in about the 16th Century when ordinary people started reading the bible for themselves. It literally changed their lives and changed the world. Today, we also want to see lives and our world changed through ordinary people reading and understanding the bible.

We are Evangelical in that we’re convinced of the truth of the bible, and we’re driven by the “evangel” – the Greek for “good news”. And what could be better news than the forgiveness of sins and a real relationship with our Creator?

We are Anglican in that we run our churches and meetings on the principles defined by a group of godly men in England a few hundred years ago. They knew their bibles really well, and helped us to understand how we can run our churches to best fit with what the bible says. Sure, our structures and meetings aren’t perfect. But God’s word is – and that’s what it all comes down to anyway.

So there we are… hopefully you know a little more about us. But you’ll only really get to know us if you visit us, so why not join one of our Sunday services to find out more?

If you’d like more info, feel free to contact us.