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The Real Drought

As talk of the Cape Water Crisis and Day Zero escalates, and many are calling to prayer for God to intervene, we ask: why would God allow this drought in the first place? While we don’t know the mind of God, one reason may be to remind us (in our age of independent self-determination) what […]

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Why we love Star Wars

Star Wars frenzy has begun again with the release of the latest Star Wars film, Rogue One. While not part of the main saga, this movie is still sure to get people dusting off their Hasbro lightsabers and Darth Vader coffee mugs. But it also gives us an opportunity to ponder the question again: why […]

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6 ways you can know the bible is from God

Christianity stands or falls on the single claim that the bible is the word of God. I’m going to be honest – this is not easy to believe. When you consider how just plain weird some parts of the bible are, when you consider the ‘messiness’ of the bible’s presentation: containing (among other things) ancient […]

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There are certain things in the order of creation which the Creator never intended to stay the way they are. Take a caterpillar, for example. A caterpillar was never meant to stay a caterpillar. Through a process called metamorphosis (Greek meta (change) + morphe (shape)), the caterpillar is intended to change into something much greater. […]

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This video’s doing the rounds showing a Commander in the South African Navy apparently explaining that the purpose of South Africa operating submarines is as a deterrent for sharks. As you can imagine, this video has caused hysterics and feeds the ever-popular “unqualified and ignorant people-of-colour” narrative that people who want to believe this will naturally […]

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What is a genuine Christian? (part 3)

We live in a world at war. You can be reading this article at any time, and what I say next will still apply: recent news events show us that humans are constantly living in a state of conflict. We are always at war, the only thing that changes from place to place and year […]

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We’re better off without religion

Recent terrorist actions in Paris and elsewhere, claimed to be done for religious motives, raises again that key question of our age: Does religion do more harm than good? Are we, as a people, better off without religion? It may surprise you that my answer is Yes – we are better off without religion… and […]

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How do you know the bible is true?

Everything that a Christian believes, and much of how a Christian lives, is based on the assumption that the bible is true. But how do we really know that it is? How do we know that it wasn’t just made up? Below are some reason why billions of people throughout history have believed in the truth […]

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What is a genuine Christian? (Part 2)

How you live your life today will invariably depend on your outlook for your immediate future. Whether you like it or not, your mood and well-being in this moment is deeply affected by whatever you expect to happen to you over the next day or week or year. It’s one of the things that separate […]

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What is a genuine Christian?

I recently bought a genuine SA Rugby Springbok T-shirt. It came with a label with all kinds of certification, and even a little holographic sticker. I reckon half the price I paid was just for the label. I asked myself, why’s all that necessary anyway? Of course, the reason is that it’s difficult to spot […]

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