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Tough Questions…

Why we baptise babies

Recently I’ve had a lot of questions around our denomination’s policy to baptise babies of believers. People ask why, if baptism is a commitment to a relationship with God, can we baptise babies who have not yet made any such public commitment? So I thought I’d write this article to clear up the matter. Firstly, […]

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We’re better off without religion

Recent terrorist actions in Paris and elsewhere, claimed to be done for religious motives, raises again that key question of our age: Does religion do more harm than good? Are we, as a people, better off without religion? It may surprise you that my answer is Yes – we are better off without religion… and […]

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How do you know the bible is true?

Everything that a Christian believes, and much of how a Christian lives, is based on the assumption that the bible is true. But how do we really know that it is? How do we know that it wasn’t just made up? Below are some reason why billions of people throughout history have believed in the truth […]

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