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Discover God’s Word

The bible is a book like no other. It is probably the most widely owned (yet not necessarily widely read) book in history. What sets the bible apart is it’s spiritual nature, which is both what attracts people to it but also, like a fire, repels many who get close. That’s because the bible is powerful. It changes lives. The reason it does so, is because it is a book written not merely by human authors, but by the inspiration of God.

The same God who created the vast and varied universe in which we live, also chose to communicate to humans through a revelation just as vast and varied. The bible was written by the use of over 40 different authors, over a period of about 1500 years, in three different languages, and in the context of many varied cultures and historical situations.

But the incredible thing about the bible is that it has one single message from God to humanity. It describes, from beginning to end, God’s single great plan to bring human beings into a relationship with himself by saving them from their sins. That is why it is applicable to every human being. Because we are all creatures, we have a creator, and that creator has something to say to us. At St Mark’s, our passion is to help you hear what that is.

To begin, this page gives you some basic info to help you start discovering the bible for yourself.

First, you need to obtain a good translation of the bible, that best suits with your language. If you are English speaking, you have a great advantage in a choice of dozens of translations for various purposes. The different translations don’t vary in the primary messages that are being transmitted, but rather in the particular words and grammer used – translation is never an exact science and newer, more accurate translations of scripture are always¬†in the process of being produced.

For your purposes, a trusted version like the NIV would be a good start. This is also available online, at www.biblegateway.com or via apps like the Bible App, which is available for free.

Next, you need to get a basic understanding of what the whole story of the bible is about. For a start, watch this video:

The whole bible is unified in that it tells about about Jesus. So the best thing you can do is to open it and begin to discover Jesus for yourself. A good place to start is the book of Mark, the shortest of the four biographies of Jesus. As you read, keep asking these questions:

  • what does this section tell me about WHO JESUS WAS?
  • what does this section tell me about WHAT JESUS CAME TO DO?
  • what does this section tell me about WHAT IT MEANS TO FOLLOW HIM?

To help you begin, have a look at this video:

For more information, visit Christianity Explored.

Then, as you continue your discovery of the bible, come visit a church service or join a bible study. These are open to all, and no previous knowledge is required.

We hope that this has been a good introduction to the most incredible book, and we hope that you will soon discover what your Creator has to say to you.