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The Kingship of Christ and the Authority of his Words

Do you submit fully to Jesus, our King? In this passage, hear how Jesus has kingly authority over everything…including death.

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The Kingship of Christ and the Son of Man

What kind of king do you consider Jesus to be? In this passage, we learn that Jesus is a King who is willing to help his people by listening and acting to all who come to him.

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The Kingship of Christ and his Baptism

The baptism of Jesus before he commenced his public ministry has several similarities with the way that kings were anointed in Old Testament times. This should not be surprising, since Jesus is our King. Listen to the talk.

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Jesus before his public ministry

This passage is often neglected as it is recorded in the Bible between the birth of Jesus and the start of his public ministry.
But these verses tell us much about who Jesus is…and who he is not.
Listen to the talk.

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Simeon’s Song

What is your experience of Christmas this year? Listen to this talk and be reminded that Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Jesus, the King who came to be the light of the world. Who do you react this light?

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The Angels’ Song

Where are important events happening? At the United Nations? In the White House? In our own Parliament?
Listen to this talk to hear how events occur where least expected.

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Zechariah’s Song

Listen to how God prepared the world for the change that Jesus was bringing.

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Mary’s Song

This sermon series will explore the original Christmas songs. Hear Mary’s song, when she learnt that she will give birth to Jesus.

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The inevitability of God’s judgement

How is the story of God’s destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah relevant in present times? Listen to this talk for a new insight.

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