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War has come to Lot’s paradise

This story in the bible shows us how God is working behind the senses in our world with His plan to rescue us and bring us back to Himself through His covenant plan (Gen 12: 1= 3) to make us as His people.

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Abram’s choice

The Lord’s promise Abram to undo the curse, not only in his life, but for the whole world. Even though Abram dies before receiving the fulfillment of this promise, we are reminded that, through Christ, we can be a part of His family so, we should not fix our eyes on what we can see, but rather on what the Lord has promised.

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The Gospel of Good Intentions

Do we live for good, gospel-based intentions, but are slow to follow through?

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Can the gospel really change the world?

Can the gospel really save the world? As Christians, we know the answer. But, do we always believe the answer? Listen to this talk for a few reminders.

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God’s Covenant with Abram

God made a covenant with Abram and promised that He would give Abram a name, a people and a land.
In doing so, God would start reversing the curse, and turning His world back to the way He intended. However, in order to do so, Abrahm had to fulfill some terms and conditions.

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Brand Management

We all manage our personal brand by how we interact with others.
As Christians, how do we see and understand the role God wants us to have?

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Somewhere over the rainbow

After the flood, when God eliminated all of sinful mankind, except for one family; was the world perfect? The answer is yes…but no…but, actually, yes. Listen to this talk to understand why.

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The Flood

The story of the flood reminds us of God’s judgment that is to come, and His grace through the Covenant He makes with His people , who made righteous through His Son. Jesus is our hope and security as we face the final judgment.

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Early family history

This passage describes two family lines, descended from Adam and Eve. Listen to how the fallen state of the world is reflected in the history of these lines. But also, hear the glimmer of hope that is presented.

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Sin crouching at the door

In Genesis 4 we see the tension between the need for God to punish sin and the correct response to sin when it is at our door. In the same way we would avoid a hungry lion.
The need for God Him self to stem the tide of our sin we do and how God can fix both?
By sending Jesus to stop the cycle of sin in it’s tracks and to start reversing the damage in our lives through His love.

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