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Our covenant privileges

As a result of our covenant privileges, we as Christians can meet and pray with God.
Listen to this talk to understand how we are the connecting place between the world and God.

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God’s plan for the world

The Bible is a book about God and his plan for the world. What part do we play – how should we respond? Listen to how God revealed his plan to Abraham, and hear what is expected of us today.

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When it feels like God’s promises are under threat

How should we respond when it seems that the state of the world is calling into question God’s promises?

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Reformation Sunday: The significance of the Lord’s Supper

This week, we learn that the Lord’s Supper is a Covenant meal. In it, God is ratifying His Communion with us. It is also a Covenant sign. Just like the rainbow in Genesis 9 was a visible sign of an invisible promise, Communion is a reminder that God’s promise of salvation is real, and still in effect.

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God’s Covenant is a shield thoughout life, and death

God shields us by His covenant through both life and death. As we unpack Genesis 15, we are taught how we relate to God, and how very small and insignificant we are, in relation to His Covenant. God gives Abram a promise, then a tangible sign, to which Abram responds in faith. And this is credited to him as righteousness. Today, God shields us though Christ (Luke 1: 67-80), and the Gospel (Romans 4 vs 16-25). God’s covenant stands, even if we don’t live long enough to see the fulfillment of the promise in this life.

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War has come to Lot’s paradise

This story in the bible shows us how God is working behind the scenes in our world with His plan to rescue us and bring us back to Himself through His covenant plan to make us as His people.

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Abram’s choice

The Lord’s promise Abram to undo the curse, not only in his life, but for the whole world. Even though Abram dies before receiving the fulfillment of this promise, we are reminded that, through Christ, we can be a part of His family so, we should not fix our eyes on what we can see, but rather on what the Lord has promised.

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The Gospel of Good Intentions

Do we live for good, gospel-based intentions, but are slow to follow through?

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Can the gospel really change the world?

Can the gospel really save the world? As Christians, we know the answer. But, do we always believe the answer? Listen to this talk for a few reminders.

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God’s Covenant with Abram

God made a covenant with Abram and promised that He would give Abram a name, a people and a land.
In doing so, God would start reversing the curse, and turning His world back to the way He intended. However, in order to do so, Abrahm had to fulfill some terms and conditions.

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