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Evangelim: What, why and how?

What thoughts do you encounter when you think about evangelism? Fear…joy…indifference?
Listen to this talk to understand what evangelism is. Then hear why involvement in evangelism is the most loving act that a Christian can be part of.

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Social Action and the Church (Part 2)

Social action, who should be assisted and what is the qualifying criteria for support?
John Child unpacks 1 Timothy 5 and points out how the bible guides us in the way we should assist the community and encourages us to be wise in the stewardship of church finances and care focus on those who are destitute.

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Social Action and the Church (Part 1)

As we start our series in the topic of social action, John Child introduces the idea by looking at the history of the church and its involvement in earthly matters while some may feel itis a question of word (ministry) vs deed (ministry).
John points out that it is not an either-or, it should rather be a both-and, especially when it comes to evangelism.

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Tough love and the responsibly that comes from knowing the truth

Paul wraps up his letter to the Corinthians with a warning about his next visit.
He addresses church discipline as a topic for their own good and inculcates that, while he has been timid and meek so far, when he visits again he will takes a hard line against those in the church who are still indulging in their sin with the privilege of knowing the truth comes the responsibility of living in accordance with it.

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Suffering and God’s sufficiency though His grace

In this passage we learn that suffering comes from both God and Satan. Even though God allows Satan to bring suffering in our lives, he uses it for good to show that His grace is sufficient for all our needs.

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Ascension Day 2019

Ascension Day has fallen on hard times in recent years. In this look at Psalm 110 and Acts 2, we learn why the Ascension needs to be reclaimed as a central part of the gospel of Christ.

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A Christian’s Credentials

In this passage, Paul is emphasizing that, while his readers may see the boasting and outward wealth of the false prophets as signs of genuine faith, all the trials and challenges he has faced is actually a more accurate sign that he is a true follower of Christ. Jesus builds our faith through challenges and obstacles, so that we grow stronger in the faith. Believing in Christ takes perseverance and faith, as we run this marathon and finish the race in Christ. Hardship and trials are a good indication that we are true believers and are a better point of reference than the “earthly blessings” promoted by prosperity teachers.

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Temptation to unfaithfulness

In this passage, Paul warned the Corinthians against bad theology, which would tempt them to unfaithfulness to Jesus and the true Gospel. Listen to this talk to be reminded how Paul’s warning applies to Christians today.

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How to choose a Bible teacher

How do we choose whom to listen to, when it comes to selecting a Bible teacher? Consider this; the choice in Bible teacher could influence our eternal destination. Hear how Paul explained to the Corinthian church, and listen who we can apply this today.

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Taking pleasure in giving

How should Christians think about giving? Isn’t it just like paying the bills? Listen to this talk and be reminded what it means to be a cheerful giver.

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