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Sermons on “Jonah”

“Pride and Prejudice”

Jonah’s pride about his perceived standing, as well as his prejudice towards the Ninevites as a heathen people affected his life and relationship with God. Listen how God exposed Jonah, and hear the reprimand for ourselves…

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A Second Chance

What would it take for large-scale spiritual revival in a community? Jonah had a very short message to the Ninevites. Yet, their response was profound. Listen why…

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A grateful response

After Jonah sinned in his disobedience to God, he was dead to the world for three days and three nights. Jonah repented and called out to God. In his mercy, God answered Jonah’s call. Listen to his grateful response, and how this is a foreshadow of our salvation through Jesus.

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Nowhere to hide!

There is nowhere to hide from fulfilling our duty to God. Jonah tried to “resign” as a missionary but soon found himself facing God’s rebuke. Listen how God used Jonah’s moment of weakness to show his sovereignty to a group of non-believers.

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