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Sermons on “Mark”

The Kingdom of God

Do you think Christianity is growing, or is it losing ground?
Jesus explained the Kingdom of God in parables.
In this talk, listen to how God establishes his kingdom, and to what purpose he builds it.

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The Sower

In this new series, we will be exploring the parables of Jesus and learn why Jesus spoke in parables.
In the parable of the sower we encounter two types of people. Those who understand God’s word, and those who do not.
What determines which type we are, and how can we change?
Listen to the talk.

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What only Jesus can do

As this passage illustrates, God imposes limits on human power. Listen and be reminded of what only Jesus can do.

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The Captain of your Soul

It is easy to claim that we are masters of our own fate. But according to Scripture, this is not true. Only Jesus is the captain of our soul, and we are lost without him. Listen to the message.

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Everybody draws some degree of comfort from a signpost. The miracles performed by Jesus on earth are signs pointing to the identity and mission of Jesus. These signs are as relevant today as they were in the beginning. Listen to how these signposts are to be observed and followed…

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This Jesus: Who? Why? What?

The people whom Jesus called to follow him, did so immediately and sacrificially. What kind of person drops everything to follow Jesus? What does it mean for us? Listen to what Mark wrote…

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