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Sermons on “Proverbs”

Wisdom for True Friendship

The meaning of friendship has become vague with the rising of social media platforms. What is true friendship, and what does Biblical wisdom teach us?

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Wisdom for winning souls

What does it mean to win souls, and why does the writer of Proverbs encourage this?

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Wisdom in the Workplace

To many people, a job is simply a means to an end. According to the Proverbs, listen to how we should view our jobs.

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Guard your heart

How and why to guard one’s heart will be determined by what is understood by “heart”. Listen to the talk.

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Wisdom for teenagers (and their parents!)

Bad parenting is the biggest issue that society faces today. This may sound surprising, but then, all other societal issues may be linked to parenting. Listen where to obtain wisdom as a parent or role model.

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Life is full of choices. Wisdom is the ability to make the right decisions. What is wisdom, who is it for, and how do we get it? Listen to the talk.

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