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Sermons on “Romans”

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Evangelim: What, why and how?

What thoughts do you encounter when you think about evangelism? Fear…joy…indifference?
Listen to this talk to understand what evangelism is. Then hear why involvement in evangelism is the most loving act that a Christian can be part of.

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Holy Spirit small 3

The community of the Spirit

The Holy Spirit works through the Christian community. How does this happen, and who is the Christian community? Listen to the talk to hear more.

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Church Membership

What does it mean to be a church member? Paul gave some guidance in his letter to the Roman Christians. Listen to how we apply that today.

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Crisis theme


“Addiction” typically brings thoughts of drugs or alcohol. But it is possible to become addicted to almost anything. Listen to how the cause for addiction is unpacked. Then, hear how the solution for addiction is connection.

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Eternal security

Everybody is looking for security in an insecure world. Religions of the world try and offer eternal security, but only in worldly terms. Listen to Paul’s concluding remarks to the Romans – only in the Christian faith do we have any certainty of what is to come…

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What is Christian fellowship?

Christian fellowship at least involves work, warmth and watchfulness. Listen how Paul explains this, using the work of a small group of early Christians.

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The business that is often overlooked

The Church is a business that is by far larger than the largest global corporate company. It has over 2 billion followers. It has branches all over the world. Listen to the gospel expectation of all members of this business.

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Other people centeredness

We are naturally selfish creatures. But Rom 15:1 tells us to be completely the opposite. This seems almost an impossible task, but listen to Paul’s explanation on why/how we should be other person centered.

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Should a Christian drink alcohol?

Should a Christian use alcohol? Why? Why not? Listen to Paul’s advise on disputable matters within the Christian church…

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The debt we cannot repay

Conventional debt counseling says to get out of debt as fast as possible. This is also Paul’s advice to the early Roman church. But then he continues by stating that the debt of love to one another is not something that can be repaid. Listen why…

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