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Sermons in “Burning Questions”

How can Christianity be the only way to God?

In society we are forced to be tolerant to all opinions. How can Christians claim that Jesus is the only way to God? Listen how the answer is clearly revealed in Scripture…

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Hasn’t religion done more harm than good?

Popularly, religion is thought to do more harm than good. This is not surprising, given the news coverage of acts done worldwide in the name of religion. But then one needs to understand what religion is, and how religion differs from what Jesus called his followers to do.

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Are Christians Anti-Gay?

With the increase in the sexual liberation movement, Christians are more and more seen as bigots and homophobes for defending traditional biblical beliefs regarding homosexuality. Do the critics have a point? Must Christians catch up with the rest of the world and stop being so anti-gay? Or is there more to it than that…

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How do you know the bible is true?

The bible is foundational to everything we do as Christians. But how do we know that the bible is true in the first place? How do we know it hasn’t all been made up?…

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