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Sermons in “Mark - The News we Need”


An invasion is an unwelcome intrusion which causes conflict.
As we have learnt so far, Jesus’ arrival on earth was not always welcomed. In this passage, we explore Jesus “invasion” of the world, what it caused at the time, and what it means for us today.

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A whole new kind of law keeping

In this passage, Jesus introduced a new way of keeping the law.
It was a radically new concept to his followers at the time… how should we respond today?

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The Power to Forgive Sins

The healing of the paralysed man is one of Jesus’ well known miracles.
But before healing the man, Jesus forgave the man his sins.
In this talk, we will hear why Jesus has the power to forgive sins, and why is the sequence of forgiveness before healing is significant.
Listen also what this means to us today.

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The Power and Priority of the Messiah

Who is Jesus – what kind of Messiah is he? What is his power and where do his priorities lie?
The answers to these points become clear as we explore this passage.

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The Beginning of the Good News

As we start a new series on the Gospel according to St Mark, we will learn about the good news that we need to hear.
What is this good news, and how did it start?

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