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Sermons in “Psalms at Work”

Psalms at Work: Success

Any success that we experience is ultimately comes from God. How do we praise God for success?

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The struggle to find rest

The world is busier today than ever before, and even when we take time off we struggle to find rest. Learn a vital truth from Psalm 62 about where to find true rest while in the midst of a frantic world.

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Why do evil people succeed?

“Why follow God’s ways when the world’s ways seem to work better?” – this is the question tackled in Psalm 37. We examine this Psalm especially in how it may help us to uphold righteousness while working in an environment that doesn’t.

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The proper attitude towards work

“Hi Ho! Hi Ho! It’s off to work we go!” – the Dwarves’ happy song in the fairy-tale Snow White seems a far cry from the experience of going to work today. Listen to what Psalm 8 teaches us about the value of work in God’s world, to help you start your work day off on the right footing.

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