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Sermons in “Romans Part 3 - The Battle”

The Christian Hope

Our hope of the future determines how we live in the present. Listen to the hope that a Christian has.

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What is a genuine Christian?

The world is full of fakes. Sadly, often so is the church. Listen to how God’s word describes how to recognise whether or not you are the real thing…

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Free from the Law

God created physical laws, like gravity, and there are consequences for disobeying or ignoring those laws. In the same way, God created moral laws with consequences just as certain. But the same God who gave the law also gave us a refuge from its consequences. Find out where you can find this refuge…

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If salvation is by grace, can we keep sinning?

If salvation is really through faith in what Jesus has done and not anything that I do or don’t do, then why can’t I just believe and go on living the way I want to live? Listen to the Apostle Paul’s explanation from Romans 6…

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Falling short of God’s Glory

Romans 3:23 tells us that we have all “fallen short of the glory of God”. But what does this really mean? Listen to this sermon on that single vital verse…

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