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Sermons in “Songs for a Troubled World”

Calm in the chaos

In the last sermon of this series, listen to why God’s people, through the ages, are able to be calm in chaos.

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Rescue from trouble

Have you ever been rescued from a situation that was beyond your own strength and ability?
Psalm 107 is about God’s rescue of his people through Biblical history, and the appropriate response to being resuced.
How does that apply today…listen to the talk.

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A shelter from all danger

On reading Psalm 91, it seems to offer great comfort. But how do we really believe it, given all that is happening around us?
Who dwells in God’s shelter (v1), and how does God protect them?
Listen to the talk.

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Keeping pain in perspective

These two psalms remind us that Godly people do go through difficult times.
The psalmist wrote about three life lines that God offers during times of trouble.

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The song of the pilgrim

In this new sermon series, we will look towards the Psalms in God’s word for guidance through second wave of Covid-19.
As we enter a new year, what is your greatest ambition for 2021? Is it aligned with what the writer of Psalm 84 wants above all else?

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