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Sermons by “Dylan Marais”

Can the gospel really change the world?

Can the gospel really save the world? As Christians, we know the answer. But, do we always believe the answer? Listen to this talk for a few reminders.

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Somewhere over the rainbow

After the flood, when God eliminated all of sinful mankind, except for one family; was the world perfect? The answer is yes…but no…but, actually, yes. Listen to this talk to understand why.

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Things fall apart

In Genesis 3 we learn about how the curse of sin entered God’s perfect world because of people choosing their own path, and how the loving and powerful God made a way back to His blessing, through the path of Christ’s death on the Cross.

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The Surprise of Easter

Theologically, Easter is the highlight of the Christian calendar. There is only one truth about Jesus’ resurrection. Listen to this talk to be reminded of that truth.

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