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Sermons by “John Child”

Social Action and the Church (Part 2)

Social action, who should be assisted and what is the qualifying criteria for support?
John Child unpacks 1 Timothy 5 and points out how the bible guides us in the way we should assist the community and encourages us to be wise in the stewardship of church finances and care focus on those who are destitute.

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Social Action and the Church (Part 1)

As we start our series in the topic of social action, John Child introduces the idea by looking at the history of the church and its involvement in earthly matters while some may feel itis a question of word (ministry) vs deed (ministry).
John points out that it is not an either-or, it should rather be a both-and, especially when it comes to evangelism.

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The Ninth Commandment

We live in a post-truth world where opinion is more important than facts. The ninth commandment is about speech and how we talk to or talk about our neighbour. Listen to how God intends speech to be used.

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The forgotten commandment

Thou shalt not steal. Listen how this passage in Ephesians highlights the broad implications of the 8th commandment.

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