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Sermons on “Faith”

How well are we sleeping?

What causes anxiety in our lives? In this passage, Jesus makes it clear that every day comes with trouble of its own. Listen how as Christians, we are called to deal with this…

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Living for the Future

God calls his people not to live for the here and now, but to live for the future. Listen how the prophesy made by Micah to Israel; points to the ultimate future that all Christians have sure hope for.

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Hasn’t religion done more harm than good?

Popularly, religion is thought to do more harm than good. This is not surprising, given the news coverage of acts done worldwide in the name of religion. But then one needs to understand what religion is, and how religion differs from what Jesus called his followers to do.

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The Christian Hope

Our hope of the future determines how we live in the present. Listen to the hope that a Christian has.

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Studying, practicing and teaching God’s word

Listen how Ezra was devoted to studying the word of God, and how his life was marked by spiritual success.

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