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St Mark's Plumstead

Sunday Services

We love having visitors at St Mark’s, and we’re here to help you to connect with God and to understand just what Jesus did to make that possible.

When you visit, you’ll be greeted by one of our stewards who will give you a welcome information pack, and help you find a seat. If you come early, you’ll be able to find some other people to chat with – or if you prefer you can listen to the music group finishing their practice, which normally goes on till about 09:10.

From 09:10 till about 09:20 we have a prayer meeting which you are free to join if you want. Then our service begins at 09:30. The service leader will read some scriptures to remind us what we’re doing there, then we’ll all stand and sing songs to help us focus on God.

Our service also consists of a few prayers which we say together, and information about upcoming events in the life of the church. Sometimes we have guest interviews or visiting missionaries too.

IMG_0691During the service, children from age 2 to Grade 7 break off for their own special programme (see more here). If you have a toddler, don’t worry, we also have a cry room and video feed room which you’re free to use.

The climax of our service is when we open God’s word and examine a particular part of it in depth. Usually it’s one in
a series we’ll be working through. The preacher will give a sermon to help us not only understand the passage, but to understand what God wants us to know through it, and how to apply it to our lives.
After the service, we invite everyone to join us for some tea and biscuits where we hope to get to know each other a little better.

We hope you will be able to join us soon. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us here.

St Mark’s Evening service:

If you prefer evening church, or would like to complement your Sunday morning with something different, we also have an evening service which is the perfect way to prepare you for the week ahead. We also serve good coffee and snacks afterwards. For more info, click here.