Who are we?

St Mark’s Plumstead is part of the REACH South Africa family of churches. For a full understanding of our beliefs and practice, see Our Distinctives here.

When you visit St Mark’s on Sunday, you’ll notice a number of features of our service:

We use liturgy; we enjoy praying ancient prayers that bring together great biblical truths, and focus our hearts on Jesus Christ. We also know that God enjoys hearing from his people as a body, and so we pray together as a congregation, not just as individuals.

We sing; music is an important part of our time together, because it is a God-given gift by which we can express and encourage each other with great truths of the faith, and please God through the voices he’s given us.

We preach; the centrepiece of our Sunday Service is a biblical sermon where we want to hear from God, not men. For this reason our preachers are full-time paid and trained men who spend a large part of their week working to discern the true and original message of every passage, in it’s correct context.

We fellowship; Sunday Services are not just a time to consume information, but to build relationships, meet new people, and contribute into the lives of others. For this reason we love spending time together in our lounge after our service, and we also meet in Growth Groups during the week to give each member the opportunity to minister to one another.

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