We believe that the most effective way for children to connect with God and grow as members of his church is not to be separated from the church body, but to observe and be part of ‘real church’ on a Sunday. Even if they don’t take everything in, the bible teaches that it is good for children to get used to being part of the family gathering of God’s people. We also encourage children to practice listening to sermons from as young as they feel ready.

However, for children not quite ready to engage with sermons, we also have a separate age-appropriate lesson for children up to Grade 7.

For very young ones and babies who may struggle to sit in church, we also have facilities for parents to use with an audio feed from the service.


Our Friday night youth programs at St Mark’s are essential ministries to youth growing up in an ever-confusing world. They are run by a dedicated team of volunteers and consist of games, music, and solid biblical input.

Kid’s Club: Grade R-5


Travellers: Grade 6-10