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AVM announcement of Social Action Initiative

At the Annual Vestry Meeting on Sunday 5th May, the St Mark’s church leadership made an appeal to the members and adherents of our church to consider giving towards a new Social Action Initiative that we believe the Lord is leading us towards.

God has called and empowered his church to be salt and light in a broken world, both in preaching the saving message of Jesus Christ, as well as in practically demonstrating the restoration that God promises to bring to this fallen world, as Jesus did during his ministry on earth. God’s word reveals to us that he is deeply concerned for those in need, and he expects us to walk in his ways and express his concerns in the world around us.

The Social Action Initiative aims to employ a new full-time staff worker at St Mark’s who will head up this area of ministry, as well as be involved in training, preaching and teaching to help us all obey Christ’s commands in our daily lives.

To make this happen, we are appealing to all in the St. Mark’s congregation to prayerfully consider whatever financial surplus God has allowed you to have, and to use it towards this excellent cause. The amount we would need from every member comes to R330 per person per month for the first 12 months (starting July 2019). We understand that some may not be able to do that, and the bible teaches that we are only expected to give of what we have available (2 Cor 8:12). But we do encourage everyone who supports this initiative to set aside even a little in order to support it. Even the poor widow’s two tiny coins (Mark 12:41-44) were an acceptable offering to the Lord.

We therefore encourage you to consider a pledge of any amount. Pledge forms will be available for the next two Sundays (12th and 19th of May) and the pledge box will be in front of the church.