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80 minutes of hope isn’t enough

Siya Kolisi and Makazole Mapimpi are exceptions. While we see them as examples of South Africans from disadvantaged backgrounds who can do anything with enough determination, the sad truth is that there are still millions of people in our country who will never have the opportunities these men had… even to have a job, let […]

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Why we cannot be united

Xenophobia. Racism. Nationalism. Culture wars. Our children are growing up in a country deeply divided, and we have come to the point of realizing that the politicians can’t save us. Which we should’ve known a long time ago… I’m surprised that anyone expected that they ever could. The truth is that the unity we want […]

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Why it’s good to indoctrinate your children!

A family at St Marks was recently discussing the advantages and disadvantages of being either an adult or a child. Unlimited screen time versus responsibilities and lots of play time verses an early bedtime were debated back and forth. However, the comment that silenced the conversation came from the 8-year-old when she stated confidently that […]

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Why “Science can’t prove God” doesn’t really work

“I’m under no obligation to believe in a God that science can’t prove to exist” “My rejection of all gods is common sense backed up by the absolute lack of evidence.” These sound like very reasonable justifications for not seeking God. But unfortunately it’s not that easy. The truth is that we don’t need science […]

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State of the Nation

Last night I watched the State of the Nation address in all it’s riotous glory. For those who missed it, our President’s speech had only just begun when his opponents began to derail it. This resulted, after much heated argument, in their violent forced removal which only stirred other opponents into action against the constitutional […]

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