Below you will find this week’s bible passage, as well as today’s suggested reading:

Passage for the Week:
James 2:24-3:8
Today's Reading:
Ecclesiastes 7

How to get the most out of your daily reading:

  1. Before you read, APPROACH God reverently, asking the Holy Spirit to speak to you as you read His Word.

  2. READ the passage slowly, expecting God to speak to you through it.

  3. Ask yourself: ‘what does this passage TEACH me about God, myself, or the church?’

  4. NOTE down any particular thoughts or questions about the passage to share with your Growth Group

  5. Now PRAY in response to the passage:

    a) THANK God for something based on the passage 

    b) CONFESS something based on the passage

    c) ASK God for something based on the passage