9 Cassino Road, Plumstead  (021) 706 3272


Join us as we let God’s Word speak for itself.

Maybe you don’t normally go to church but you’d still like to understand more about the bible, or maybe you’re a regular churchgoer and you’d like to complement Sunday church with something different. Whoever you are, we believe the bible has something to say to you and so we invite you to come experience it first hand.

Each session lasts about one hour. After watching a short video introduction, you’ll listen as a large section of the bible is read out loud in the way it was originally designed to be heard, instead of focusing on only small sections at a time (as is normally the case at church).

We encourage the children to sit in with the grown-ups and be part of this gathering.

Coffee is provided afterwards if you’d like to hang around and meet others.

Every Sunday 6pm

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