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Hey kids! this page is specially for YOU!

Here you can learn about what we do at St Mark’s Children’s Church.

What do you think the bible is? Well we asked a few children that same question. Click the video below to see what they said!…

The bible is really an AMAZING BOOK. It was written over thousands of years, by people from a bunch of different places, and it talks about a whole lot of things. But the most AMAZING thing about the bible is that it is one BIG STORY written by God to show people how we can be friends with Him. That means everything we read in the bible is TRUE and very IMPORTANT for us to know.

Here’s a short outline to read that teaches you the big story of the bible, and the very important things God wants you to know:

At St Mark’s Children’s Church, we are here to help YOU discover what the bible says for yourself. We have some really cool teachers who put together fun lessons and activities every week for you to enjoy and learn about God, while your mom and dad are in church.

To find out more about the bible, watch the video here:

You can find more of all this at St Mark’s Children’s Church. Why not ask your mom or dad to bring you along this Sunday?

Here’s SOMETHING ELSE for you!… Does your mom or dad have a phone or a tablet that can run APPS? Like Angry Birds or Cut the Rope? Well there’s another awesome app that you should ask them to download, that will help you learn more about the bible. To see what it’s about and where to get it, click on this video: