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Sermons in “Behind the Name”

For to us a child is born

As we celebrate the birth of our Saviour on Christmas day, why do you think Jesus is qualified to be in charge of our lives?
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Prince of Peace

Prince of Peace is the fourth name that is used to describe the prophesied new king. What does peace really mean; and why does the world need a Prince of Peace? Listen to this talk to discover the answers.

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Everlasting Father

The third name of that Jesus is referred to in this fulfilled prophesy is Everlasting Father. Why is Jesus called ‘Father’? And, what is an everlasting father? Listen to this talk.

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Why do we tend to like the idea of a superhero? Is it because we realise that we cannot fight evil by ourselves? In this passage, Israel is reminded of a victorious battle from their history. But at the same time, the coming of a hero is promised. That hero will defeat all evil…not only once for Israel, but permanently for the whole world. Listen to this talk to hear more.

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We make a lot of significant decisions in our lifetime. How can we know that the decisions we make are the right ones? Listen to this talk to hear how you can make better decisions going forward…

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