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Sermons in “The Holy Spirit”

The message of the Holy Spirit

We are naturally drawn to listening to stories. The story of the miraculous restoration of the man’s sight was a story that was told many times, according to the passage. Listen to this talk to find out the real purpose of this story of healing.
In this passage,

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The mission of the Spirit

This is a familiar passage in John’s gospel. But take a closer look at verse 34. Jesus describes his mission in terms of food. Listen to this talk for a new understanding of how we as Christians are involved in the mission of the Holy Spirit.

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The community of the Spirit

The Holy Spirit works through the Christian community. How does this happen, and who is the Christian community? Listen to the talk to hear more.

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How to be part of what the Spirit is doing

To work with the Holy Spirit involves learning how to be a spiritual detective. Listen to this talk and hear what the work of the Holy Spirit is. Then, listen how to join in this work.

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Who is the Spirit and what is he doing?

Who is the Holy Spirit to you? What part does the Holy Spirit play in your daily life? Listen to this talk as an introduction to the new sermon series.

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