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Sermons in “Waiting for the Dawn”

Living as the family of God

In his conclusion to this letter to the Thessalonian church, Paul leaves them, and us, reading the letter today, with instructions how to live in holiness as the family of God.

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Living in the Hope

As Christians we have hope in Christ’s resurrection and imminent return. How should we live in light of this hope, until the Day of the Lord arrives?

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Sanctification in Sex

Why is it significant that Paul is writing to the Thessalonian Christians about their sanctification and abstinence form sexual immorality? Why is this passage so relevant to Christians today? Listen to the talk.

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The Passion of Paul

From Paul’s letter to the Thessalonians it is clear that he is passionate about their growing in faith in light of Jesus’ return. Do we show the same passion in the relationships that we grow and maintain…and why, as Christians, is this important?

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Authentic Teachers

Through online platforms, many Christians today have no shortage in access to Bible teaching resources. Question is…how do we discern truth from false teaching? In this passage, Paul explains to the Thessalonian church how to recognise true teaching.

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Imitation Christians

In his opening words in the letter to the newly started church in Thessalonica, Paul indicates the reasons why it is evident that their faith in Jesus is real.
In a world of many cheap imitations, how can we tell today that our faith is real? Listen to this talk.

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