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Sermons in “What God Wants”


Righteousness is defined as thinking, saying, and doing the right thing in the eyes of God at all times, but our sinful nature makes this impossible. For this reason, Christ had to bear our sin on the cross and give us access to imputed righteousness by taking the punishment we deserved. When we live out our imputed righteousness by consciously making the choice to choose God’s way, instead of our own, we become signposts showing non-believers what the new creation will look like when Jesus returns.

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In this talk, we hear about mishpat, which can translate as God’s justice.
What is mishpat, how is it relevant today, and what does God want us to do with it?

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In this sermon, we discover the Hebrew word “khesed”.
We learn what it means to God, and what it means for us.

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Knowing and Valuing what God Wants

As we start this new series in the book of Jeremiah, listen to this introduction – how do we know what God wants from us?

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