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Sermons by “Luke Giles”

Draw near to God

Living on the Way opened by Jesus is marked by faith, hope & love.

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This Jesus: Who? Why? What?

The people whom Jesus called to follow him, did so immediately and sacrificially. What kind of person drops everything to follow Jesus? What does it mean for us? Listen to what Mark wrote…

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God and me

This passage describes how God protected Elisha from an invading army. God cares for his people and demonstrates this through his words of truth, his works of deliverance and the wonder of grace.

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God and the world

We live amongst many people who live without any reference to God. But God will not tolerate disobedience and rebellion indefinitely. Listen how rebellion against God lead to destruction of captains and soldiers in king Ahaziah’s court, and eventually the death of Ahaziah himself.

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