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Sermons on “Jesus”

This Jesus: Who? Why? What?

The people whom Jesus called to follow him, did so immediately and sacrificially. What kind of person drops everything to follow Jesus? What does it mean for us? Listen to what Mark wrote…

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Broken Relationships

At times, we all need to deal with a broken relationship. Listen to three things we can do to mend relationships. Listen especially how to apply this to our relationship with God, which is broken because of our sin.

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Prepare the way for the Lord

We spend a fair amount of time preparing for things to come in our immediate future. The birth of Christ also required preparation, as taught by Scripture. But how should we preparing today for Christ’s second coming?

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The Real Son

How much do we appreciate God, given what he has done for us? Yet, on our own, we keep returning to sin and destruction. Listen how Jesus came to be the new Israel by whom God will save his children.

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